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Well Im wondering about LeaseTrader.com. There are a few Volvo's on there that look very interesting but because I cant contact the seller without having to go through a credit check, I wanted to ask around to see if people have dealt with it before.

So here are my questions that cant be answered by looking at the site for the few minutes I had right now:

1 - Can I BUY OUT the lease that I take over if I choose?
2 - I noticed that there are "incentives" from sellers. Can I put down more of my money as an added "incentive" to lower the payment even more?
3 - Would it end up costing me more money?

Thanks alot in advance...any additional info/experiences you can provide would be excellent

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Re: LeaseTrader.com...good/bad? Have questions! (Tekk)


I had never heard of lease trader, so I took a look.............interesting concept. I would be VERY CAREFUL though!
I have been in this business a LONG time and I have seen very few leases that had any equity in them. Leases are designed for the lease end value (residual) to match the anticipated market value at the END of the lease...not neccesarilty DURING the lease....so I have trouble seeing how it will be any kind of a "deal"...but it was very difficult to get a handle on exactly what they are doing...other than "brokering" cars.
IMHO.......Be cautious and ask lots of questions!

ps....just did some additional "detective work"...PLEASE tell me you are not really considering this!
IMO...of the Volvo's I saw...there might be 1 or 2 worth looking into...but you can get a new Volvo for the same $$...so why would you lease a used car....and NO you do not want to BUY one. If you are going to buy a preowned car..of ANY brand....buy it from a dealer and get the Certified Warranty!
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