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I'm thinking of leasing an XC70, but wanted to order it with DSTC. If I order an XC70, (and it takes 4-8 weeks for delivery), does anyone know if I will be able to lease it at the current lease rates? (or will i have to lease it at the rates available at the time of arrival)


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Re: Lease Question (VolvoMax)


The programs don't change "that much" from month to month....maybe a 1% drop in residuals or a slight change in the money factor....but nothing that will have a huge impact on the final lease payments....maybe $10/month................plus keep in mind that the programs could also change in your favor, making the lease payments a little less than what they are now.
If you were my customer...and DSTC was a "must have"....I would see what I could find NOW that was acceptable. If there was nothing available, I would take a unit in my pipeline...change it to your preferences, mark it sold, and put a "+/- $10/month" clause on our agreement and we are done. Car would be here in @6 weeks.
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