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Hi, after a heavy rain I get a significant amount of water on the left side rear passenger floor. All of the drain holes are clear and I am sure it is not coming thorough the windshield. Any thoughts? This is on a 87 245 manual trans.

The other quirk the car is having is every now and then it will not go into gear, it is a 5 speed manual. I have taken it to the mechanic and it never does it for him. If I cant get it in gear, I simply shut off the car and start it right back up and into gear it goes. If that was always going to be the fix I could live with it!

thanks in advance for any suggestions on one or both of my car's issues.


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Re: leak in left rear passenger floor (frogman)

First the gear problem...

Check the shift bushing(s) and linkage for wear and adjustment.
Listen for a "rattle" when clutching at idle in N (bad throwout bearing and/or pilot bearing).
Check the motor and trans mounts for shearing/rot.
Adjust/replace the clutch cable.

Now about the wet feet...

Does the car have a sun roof? Roof rack?

Make sure the door drains are open on and the window seals in good shape and properly installed. Does the window glass "flop" in the door frame? Inspect all door seals for deterioration and/or poor seal alignment.
Pull up the carpet and underlayment - any holes in the floor?
With the floors dry go through a monster car wash with high pressure then inspect the driver's door hinge areas for signs of water moving to the floor then migrating to the rear foot well.

Good luck.

George Dill
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