Posting up for feelers
1999 Volvo V70R

D088 intercooler
IPD Stage 1 tune
IPD upgraded front & rear sway bars
P2 R wheels (Pegasus wheels)
New throttle body
New PCV refresh kit
Im sure theres more that i havent thought of.

Spare parts:
-P2 R Brembo brake calipers, pads, rotors, & hubs
-R wing (needs to be paint matched)
- New front bumper (needs to be paint matched)

Needs some love and i just dont have the time for it.
-Head gaskets are leaking externally. It will need a new head as the heads have been resurfaced twice now.
-Needs trunk struts
-Needs new front struts
-Front passenger window motor is bad
-Rear caliper is sticky when first driving if left sitting for more than 2 weeks
-Battery has a draw. Electrical is not my strong suit so im not sure where the draw is coming from
-Issues with an intermittent no start when warm.
-Paint is rough