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KWP2000 ECU Flash Re-Programmer

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Will this work on the R? It seems like it flashes bosch ecu but not sure what do we have? It only lists one Volvo!?

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reading and writing to the eeprom is the easy part.
Are you looking at doing your own ecu tuning?

Go read up on checksumm's before you even start day-dreaming.
Re: (ibanezplayer)

I won't do it myself I will get someone thatt knows and do it for me but I can get it for a good price and I might have a few guys that could chip in and then we can share the thing but I want to know if it will work on the R though.

it is POSSIBLE to do ME7 work with the KWP2000 units, but I wouldn't recommend it. However, I think you might be SOL. I don't have any drivers for any motronic volvos, only the EDC15/EDC16 cars (diesel). Nor have I ever seen any.

Even if you could write to the ecu, it would probably require "bootpin" so you would probably have to physically open your ecu casing every time you wish to write to the ecu.
Re: FV-QR (ibanezplayer)

ok cool thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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