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Kudos to Volvo Travel

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Volvo Travel to arrange my itinerary for my August OSD of a T6 XC70.

Simply put...it was the best customer service that I have experienced with any travel agency. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, considerate, and did everything possible to give me the most that Volvo would allow to fit our travel needs....and to think that they already had our business!!

Our plans are to arrive in Stockholm at 7am on Monday and to spend an overnight there before traveling to Gothenburg on Tuesday morning; for the Tuesday afternoon factory tour and my Wednesday morning delivery. When I asked whether I should take the train or plane from Stockholm to Gothenberg....They offered to include the airfare in my travel package covered by Volvo....That made my decision an easy one.

For my return flight (from Munich) they went out of their way to arrange a connecting flight in the US that would allow me to leave Munich at a later time (so I could drop off my car on my departure date).

I am sure that this has all been said before but such superb service deserves repeating. I have not even completed my first OSD experience and I am looking forward to planning my second. :)

My thanks again to this forum for giving me the good advice of ordering my 2013 for OSD back in mid April. :beer:
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We had just started our first OSD (and first Volvo) in April when we were talking about doing it again (when she replaces her car).
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