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kinetic motorsports

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Has anyone on here had any dealings with them? the're located in port kells, surrey BC Canada.
i have a 244glt turbo intercooled, and the bearings in my used turbo are on their way out so i stopped in and talked to them... they said at least 400 for new bearings but for around 600 he would hot rod it a bit with a bigger compressor housing and turbine for more boost and a faster spool-up( while still retaining all the factory fuel delivery, ducting and metering).
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Re: kinetic motorsports (series1000)

In theory the playing with the blade housings and the blades works out well. But be very careful jsut how big and teh matching of both sides. Little too big a comp and blade side, might tend to drag down the exhaust side from working well. Think of it like you are taking off form a stop light but instead of first gear you use second gear. It takes more power (aka exhaust) to spool up a bigger(aka heavier) blade in the comp houseing. That is why balancing these days for what you wish to get is very critical. Smaller turbos spool fast and make power fast off the line. But not as much end power. Bigger turbos spool slower at first off the line but make nice power once going and for sure at the top end. Lag in relation to eng size is the tradeoff of both.
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