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Hey guys....this website is really useful.

I just bought my 5th Volvo last week...a 1995 940 with the Volvo Guard Alarm System...the last owner was a college guy who broke the remote control or fob and tossed it.

Well the LED unit in the front window seems to be fine and the guy said all was well at the time he tossed the broken fob. I am 100 miles from a volvo dealership and actually want to save paying dealer money for something more important..ie under hood.

I have talked with the people at keylessride.com about replacing the fob for $50 bucks; but they need to FCC ID number or model number from the back of the remote...

I found an invoice from dealership in Wichita where the orginial owner replaced the fob, called them and they told me the volvo part number is

However, the keylessride.com people say this is different from the model number of the tossed fob...t he keylessride.com people also said I should be able to see a part to the right of the glove box with a model number, but I can't find it.

Any ideas that would save me a couple hundred dollars would be great.
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