Sonoma, California. (January 11, 2017) – Our supplier and racing partner BBS USA is in the process of preparing their inventory for a new wheel that we have developed together (more on this later). As such they have offered us a special price on their remaining stock of the 19” Anthracite wheels that they manufactured specifically for K-PAX Racing.


As our own warehouse is currently full we wanted to pass this opportunity on to our customers. BBS has 40 wheels available and if we can get enough orders for all of them we can sell them to you for $295 each including shipping within the contiguous United States. The MSRP is $595, providing you with an unprecedented discount of more than 50% off. These wheels are new, have never been mounted and come in the original BBS box.


The wheels are 19x8 with a 42mm offset and 63.4mm centerbore. They will fit the following vehicles perfectly without any need for any centering rings, spacers or special bolts/lugs:

2004.5 - 2010 VOLVO S40 Recommended tire: 225/35-19
2005 – 2010 VOLVO V50 Recommended tire: 225/35-19
2007 – 2013 VOLVO C30 Recommended tire: 225/35-19
2011 – 2017 VOLVO S60 Recommended tire: 245/35-19
2015 – 2017 VOLVO S60 XC Recommended tire: 245/40-19
2014 – 2017 VOLVO V60 Recommended tire: 245/35-19
2015 – 2017 VOLVO V60 XC Recommended tire: 245/40-19
2011 – 2017 VOLVO XC60 Recommended tire: 245/50-19
2011 – 2017 VOLVO XC70 Recommended tire: 245/45-19
2007 – 2016 VOLVO S80 Recommended tire: 245/35-19

We cannot execute this order until we have commitments for all 40 wheels. Please send your notice of interest to [email protected] before the January 21 deadline.