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K-PAX/3R Racing at Long Beach

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Much better result than at Sebring. Posted in Motorsport forum, but dont know if many visit. The AWD S60's are improving!! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif


And the results.

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Re: K-PAX/3R Racing at Long Beach (bobbrown13)

Thanks for posting here, I don't think to go to the other forum. I want them to put the races on TV. Speed keeps bumping up the Sebring race, I think it is May 11th now.
Re: K-PAX/3R Racing at Long Beach (bobbrown13)

thanks for the heads up. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: K-PAX/3R Racing at Long Beach (atacamaR)

Coin flip for the pole position?! WTF Is that! STUPID RULE!!!

decent job gaining ground though. heres to a podium finish next time http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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great news for the volvo team!

The worldchallenge website isnt being updated with video highlights/coverage of the new races
I thought they would be available online to watch

anyone willing to record the races onto DVD from the TV and post to me here in the UK?? willing to pay for DVD, postage etc!!!!
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Re: (Shimon)

Long Beach, the team made a dramatic comeback, of sorts.
Andy Pilgrim said the Caddys tested for a year before racing their first WC race and still where working out the kinks. So I guess with 2 races and 1 test sessions we are at least doing okay.
We got the pole at LB, first ever for Volvo, however WC Vision's new flip the coin for an inverted start was a major flop for us. We didn't even get credit on the provisional qualifying result sheet, so no fans or know one at Volvo even knew what happen. This has got to be the dumbest idea anyone has ever had.

So we started 3rd and 5th, instead of 1st and 3rd, with the cars lined up behind each other, we have got the cars to spool up and get great starts, but it was of no use as Sofronas shut the door on Andy and he had to lift, not good for a turbo car.
Randy's race was not perfect, we suffered from some shifting problems that would happen in some weird places and Randy ran a safe pace so that he didn't get into trouble.
Andy had a good car, the car would run hot if he got close to other cars, as where alot of the cars that where not out front. So it made getting close enough for a pass alittle difficult. He saved the car for the end and made a thrilling charge running down the cars in front of him, only to be parked by Davis Mustang, who had seen him coming and park to be able to make it a drag race to the finish that he knew with his awesome H/P that he would win. Andy did set the fastest race lap, so we are very encouraged that even though we have a lot of issues and work to do, we have some pretty cool, good looking fast race cars.
We took the cars down to a street show on Thursday night, more fans hung out at our cars than any other. The most ask question was, how do you guys race against Mustangs, Vette's, Porsche's and Viper, I think we may have answer that question.
We are under no illusion that all our problems are solved and I'm sure more are waiting to be found, but the LB results have rejuvenated a very tired and over worked crew. Spirits are high and the work goes on.
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Re: (Bob Raub)


Awesome to see all your hard work paying off. that coin flip stuff had me a little confused too. What?, qualify 5th and you still got a 50/50 chance of starting up front??

The improvement from Sebring to LB is amazing and all you can do is work the problems as they present themselves. Keep up the good work and I bet a win isnt going to be far off. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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