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Originally posted by Kermit:
I was wondering if any of you have personal experience with K&N on your S60 T5. How much difference to you notice, I know that it is a relatively cheap mod for the proformance it is said to give and I am curious if it is all true. Thanks for your help.
I put one in (drop in, not open air) my car before I had the ECU upgraded. Did not notice a thing. I am sure that once I upgraded the ECU, it helps.

On the other hand, my previous car was a 1998 V70R and it was stock apart from a custom-made dual exhaust (cat back). Once I replaced the stock air filter with a K&N, I did fee a small, but enough to notice, difference in the top end. The car seems to be accelerating slightly quicker once I was going at least 45 mph.

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