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I've recently returned from the Carlisle Foreign and Kit Car Meet, where I met some of you
face to face for the first time.
The Yellow Peril performed well for over 2600 miles and I did not even open my toolbox.
Scrounging around in the Vendor booths I met a few folx that I had done business with but never met face to face, a real pleasure.
One of these folx was the widely known and respected "Dr. Volvo", Duncan LaBay.
In his booth he had a B30 cam he really wanted to sell, apparently (like several others I know) in the process of "getting out" of the 164 business/addiction, which I have not kicked yet. I love their easy torque.
I asked what grind it was and he didn't know so we opened it and found the letter "K" stamped on the end. So he and I both gleefully did business and now I have the "K" cam, which I understand is a late design specifically for the B30 engine with D-jet fuel injection.
My question is:
What B30 model is this cam for? To the best of my knowledge ALL B30s sold in the USA (and perhaps elsewhere) came with the milder "C" cam.
What would be the optimum compression ratio for an engine using this cam?
I have somewhat of a grip on the essentials of Volvo engine building, thanks to Phil Singher and others, but very little experimental data other than using an Isky VV71 grind on both carbureted and injected B30s. (Made a BIG difference in both!)
Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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K för lättare trimning. Går bra att använda med original förgasare eller insprutning.
Effektökning ca 25-40 HK.

K for easier tuning. Easy to use with the original carburetor or fuel injection.
Power increase of about 25-40 HP.


BTW, a B30 cam stamped "K" is the same as a "D" cam.

George Dill

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That table is for 8 valve OHC engines.
I am pretty sure the grinds are the same for all B18, B20 and B30 engines, in other words, the specs on a "C" grind will be the same regardless of the number of cylinders. Ian Rankin made up a table of most of the familiar cams years ago - I'll see if I can find it.
BTW Volvo OE had plenty of different performance cams AVAILABLE. I have an old catalog...

BTW(2) Claes Rydholm, the Volvo heritage guy from Göteborg, will be at the St. Louis meet. Maybe I should ask him. I managed to sit next to him at a banquet in 2007. VERY nice guy.
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