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Hello there!

Just popping in here to say hi; bought a 2004 XC70 about 8 months ago. Love the thing, shame I couldn't find a V70R in the area, but hey ho.

I'm going to be stopping in here quite a bit i guess as I'm always tinkering with any bloody car i buy.

Originally from England, i now live in Massachusetts; first car I've bought here and the prices annoy me, second hand cars are way too expensive, especially AWD for obvious reasons. Anyway got my beauty and she's doing just fine. Carfax looked really good, seems to have always been serviced at Volvo dealerships (57 different visits). Lived in California most of it's life, went to NH for a year then to me (not too much history except a timing belt change in the NH part of it's life) - shame about a few scrapes and bumps here and there.
Odd thing is the car is suspiciously fast, i did some snooping and nothing showed up *shrugs*, all looks standard too me. Everyone who gets in is pretty much surprised also..... "wow, I thought you said this was a 2.5 low turbo with like 200hp?" Meh

Anyway i got some things i need to mess with on it; shoved on new tires, got rid of the resonator after seeing a thread about in on here, was a bit too late however; I totally shat myself during a heavy rain fall. :facepalm:

Things to do during the spring:

Air Filter - or perhaps some kinda of redirected air flow intake I'm thinking of doing (somethings a bit loose and not quite right with mine; can't put my finger on it)
Drilled/grooved/slotter breaks and Ceramic pads
2X Front Bearings
Spark Plugs
Oil Filter and change
Might do that strut brace mod thing i read about using washers
Might make a rear strut brace myself

Anything else i should add?

Anyway cheers and I'll be around for sure.

Heres a picture of the car in lovely surroundings (one Grumpy Cat and one Garfield plush - mixing the old and the new - how an estate should be)
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