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Just had new front pads installed by dealer....

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only pads were changed. Changed at 38,000 miles. All four rotors had been changed at about 15,000 for a complaint that I had. Now, the car shimmies if breaking hard from a high speed, >60 mph. Is this the pads being broke in or are my rotors slightly warped??

Dealer has been very friendly with me (ie bubbled tires, bent wheels, etc) but should I make an issue about this?

Should the pads and rotors be changed at the same time every time??

Any comments would be appreciated.
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Re: Just had new front pads installed by dealer.... (R Crazy)

Is your car parked for longer time from time to time?

You could try to do some brake sequences while driving on the highway or a stretch of road without to much traffic. Mildly brake from speeds up to 60-70 mph down to 20 mph. Release brake and accelerate to cruising speed again, allow the brakes to cool down a bit and repeat the procedure a few times while increasing brake force. Allow for cool down inbetween. Maybe this will clear the surface of the rotors a bit. Sometimes it helps but if it is in the rotor material the shudder won't go away. The damper has nothing to do with it, only to reduce unwanted noise production.

Also make sure not to engage the brake on a hot rotor when coming to a full stop. If you think the brakes are hot when stopping at a traffic light or so try to leave a bit of room in front of you and let the car crawl forward slowly.

Point three, brake harder with your R every now and then.
38K is way to much for these rotors..
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