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Just had new front pads installed by dealer....

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only pads were changed. Changed at 38,000 miles. All four rotors had been changed at about 15,000 for a complaint that I had. Now, the car shimmies if breaking hard from a high speed, >60 mph. Is this the pads being broke in or are my rotors slightly warped??

Dealer has been very friendly with me (ie bubbled tires, bent wheels, etc) but should I make an issue about this?

Should the pads and rotors be changed at the same time every time??

Any comments would be appreciated.
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Re: Just had new front pads installed by dealer.... (JRL)

I'm reading about these dampers now. And the whole time I have had the car, there has been a clicking noise coming from the right front tire. From reading previous posts, I thought it was the axel spline (I still have no clue what that is exactly) and now it might be these dampers.


What should my complaint be? The rotors? That is nothing on the dealer, right? If they were warped it was probably because I was driving the car and the pads were worn down very low.
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