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2007 3.2 AWD 57k miles

Last week as I was pulling out onto a main road, my XC90 felt like a 4x4 with locked differentials taking a fast turn.

The town road comes down a hill to the main road. There was a modest amount of debris (pebbles, dirt) and I accelerated with a slight turn at a moderate pace. The car felt so jerky (and as if it was losing traction) that I let off the gas immediately. It was a very unusual feeling.

A few days later I decided to punch it from a rolling pace at a toll booth. The shifts were smooth but the power delivery to the road felt jerky. Cruising at highway speeds or town speeds feel completely normal, as does stopping. 60-90 feels normal, too. It seems to be from a stop and from lower speeds. DSTC is on.

I took the car in for service months ago and asked specifically about the angle gear. The service dept. said it looked fine. I have no idea what this could be and I wanted to get a sense of the possibilities here first.

Any idea?
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