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Press Release

Jaguar's All-New Under-$30,000 X-Type Sedan Goes Sky-High in Miami

MIAMI,FL -- To showcase its newest car, Jaguar yesterday used a 140-foot crane to lift the all-new X-TYPE all-wheel drive sport sedan into the Opium Garden nightclub on Miami's super-glamorous South Beach. Tonight, the club will be transformed into an invitation-only coming-out party, as the car-maker, along with The Collection luxury dealership, brings the car face-to-face with its intended buyers.

``X-TYPE is an all-new Jaguar with an all-new Jaguar attitude,'' said Michelle Cervantez, vice president, marketing, for Jaguar North America. ``This is the first time we've had a vehicle that's so affordable and that offers such a perfect combination of style, engineering and value. With X-TYPE, we're hoping to bring the Jaguar brand to a customer who may never before have considered owning one of our cars -- a younger and more diverse buyer.''

The X-TYPE is the fourth model in the company's expanding product range and is aimed at the fast-growing compact luxury sport-sedan segment. X-TYPE is Jaguar's first all-wheel drive model and will be aimed to challenge the segment's existing sales and image leaders.

Miami, with its broad consumer base, is a key market for Jaguar. The automaker expects the under-$30,000 X-TYPE to double its sales both in the United States and worldwide. Considered to be the most significant new-car launch in its history, Jaguar expects to sell a record 50,000 X-TYPEs in the U.S. alone.

SOURCE: Jaguar
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