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Jaguar Cygnus Rims on '17 V60 R Design

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While it's not for everyone, I just swapped my black 19" tuning fork Volvo R Design alloy rims and replaced them with 18" Jaguar 6-spoke rims.
I like the look, slightly wider (8.5"), fills out the wheel well better, and easier to clean. Now that I know they fit without modification I can contemplate powder coating the wheels to match the gray of the car. Stock suspension setup. The Cygnus wheels are pretty affordable since they were the stock/basic wheel package on the Jaguar XF.

Before and afters:


Cygnus wheels off 2012 Jaguar XF
Bolt pattern: 5x108 perfect hub-centric fit
Dimensions: 18x8.5"
Offset: +49mm
Centerbore: 63.4mm.
The conversion did require buying new 14mm wheel bolts without the Volvo integrated tapered washer, and a separate set of 60º-to-flat-seat washers. The new 14mm bolts have a smaller 17mm head with a 60º taper and the wheels have a flat seat. (original Jaguar hubs have flat-seating lug nuts with a 12mm threaded wheel studs.) And Jaguar "R" center caps which are a tiny bit loose, so I have to modify the spring-backs.

Tires Continental Extreme Contact 245-40-18

I am not a fan of the P7s but I have always loved the Extreme Contact DWS 06 Continentals for ride quality. (Granted, I rarely go over 90 in a straight line). American tire Depot in California has a buy3, get 4th free sale on the Contis that was under the cost of everyone I called (4 for $705 mounted and balanced).
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Got any shots from other angles? Was thinking about getting a set of Jag wheels
How big are the rotors on v60? I'm thinking about downgrading to 18 inch on my s90 since the rims keep getting bent and the tire alone is 600 a piece. I have winter 18 rims which barely fits, clears the brake by like 2mm. Not sure if those wheels would be a good choice
schafphoto has an R-Design, so 336mm up front. Not sure about the S90, but I bet there's a thread (or 2...or 3...) about winter wheels in the S90 section. Also maybe cross-check the V90 & XC90 forums
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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