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Re: Jacking/Lifting of the R? (mike_c70)

Quote, originally posted by mike_c70 »
Just wondering but what shop uses jacks still these days? All the places I have gone all have lifts.

You'd be surprised. The place I go to (an excellent shop if you're on LI) uses only floor jacks and they're hyper-fast, efficient and they know how to jack up anything. Better-suited to high-throughput---they commonly have 10+ cars in there at the same time. They've mounted/balanced four tires and had them on the car for me in under 30 minutes.

Last time I was in, they had a late model 911 and an 05 A8L alongside my R (for once Pelle did not rule the roost). Both owners had been going there for 20 years, knew the guys on a first-name basis, and absolutely swore by the shop. I've been going there for 6 years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
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