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Re: It's a Screamer, Literally (NJdiver)

I have simpler and less dramatic explanations:

1. The yellow triangle and wrench - car tells you that it is time for the first maintenance. Modern cars have condition monitoring driven schedule - by the hours of motor running, and not the mileage. So, if you drive slower than some average speed, used in the 7500 miles interval calculation, you will get the warning earlier. 6500 miles seems to be typical number to get the warning. I've got one at 6750 miles, and did not pay attention to it for another 1K.
2. Many roads in US have such surface treatment that produce howling-screeching sound, especially - along the shoulders, to wake the unattentive drivers up. Next time, when you hear this sound observe the road surface and either slow down or speed up to see, if the tone and the loudness change with the speed. Then - it is the road surface - for sure.

If it would be a bearing - it would be more continues and would become more and more prominent over the time.
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