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Hi all,

I'll first shortly introduce myself. I'm Oscar (29) and I'm from The Netherlands. Since 2015 I drive a Volvo C70 T5 2001 version in the colour turquoise which is recently stored in a garage to keep. Since december 2019 I'm driving a S80 4.4 V8 2008 as a daily.

Last month I bought a new original Bor 19" set of wheels with GoodYear F1 Asymmetric 5 245/40/19 tyres. I know it's not an original Volvo tyre size. When I started driving I soon faced an issue: my real speed is higher than shown on my speedometer. For example: My speedometer says I'm driving 120 km/h, but in fact I'm driving 124 km/h (GPS speed). This is normal, because of the bigger rolling circumference.

To fix the speed difference I changed the rolling circumference in the software of my car through Vdash to the correct circumference. The speed in the speedometer was equal again to the real GPS speed. All perfect I thought. Unfortunately not: I wanted to cruise on the highway 120 km/h for example and wanted to use my cruise control, but it shuts off after a couple of seconds. In VIDA I found the next DTC: ECM-P216262 Vehicle Speed Sensor "A" / "B" Correlation - Algorithm Based Failures. Seems the vehicle speed sensor senses a different speed than the wheels or speedometer does. But that is the point of changing the tyre circumference in the software, right?

Now I saw on this forum that there is more people running 245/40/19 on a S80 V8. Did other people face the same issues? If so, what is the solution to make the shown speed correct again plus a working cruise control? I know that running 245/35/19 will solve it, because the rolling circumference is the same as the original 245/45/17 what was fitted before. I also was running this size before), but I find this size too flat and less comfortable. That's why I changed to 245/40/19, but now I'm facing the speed/not working cruise control issue.

Hopefully someone can help me. Also knowing that newer versions of the S80 can run on 19" without any problem...

Thanks all in advance!
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