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isofix car seats

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My wife and I are expecting twins in Oct. We have been searching for car seats in area stores. When reading the owners manual I came across info on Isofix fastners. I know that the U.S. is slow to put out the Isofix car seats probaly not until the year 2002. I was wondering if anybody knows about the Volvo isofix car seats if availble or any company that makes the isofix car seat?
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thank you for your posts. i found out from my dealer to install the isofix it costs $208.00 for both back seats. there is another car seat that uses this system called cosco triad which is less expensive that is sold at k-mart.
cynberg, Thanks for the kind congrats. the twins are two girls!!! I have out numbered myself

We plan to go with the roundabout britax(x2)car seats. If it makes you feel better Darell we have to shell out $400.00 for car seats!!! assuming that we do not get them as shower gifts.


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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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