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Is this where it leaks?

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I have been struggling with leakage in my 2010 XC60 for long time, since I heard sound of water in the cabin. I removed the carpet and found water paddles in the footwells of all seats. I tried with garden hose, and I saw seemed water coming down from many places. I parked the car insider garage, dried the water, and sealed the sunroof, the top, right and bottom edges of the windoshield with silicone - yes silicone.
Now it seems to be better. The driver side is fine in rain, but the passenger side still leaks a bit from the right side of the glovebox, basically from the A pillar. So, where else could be leaking? Thank you for any inputs.

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No, I didn't take A pillar off. But I did open the sunroof and pour water to check the drain, and water did go down to ground. I also used the long wire to push down the drain hole. Seemed to be fine.
Actually I had leakage about 7 years ago when water came down from the console on the ceiling, and the dealer said everything was OK. I did the wire trick and that helped.
Hmm... Well I can't say I've ever seen anything besides the drains, tray or windshield leak on those.

I'd pull the panel off the side of the glove box and see if you can see anything. I'd also pull the A-pillar cover and take a look.
I'll give it a try. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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