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Is my upper engine mount bushing broken?

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The arm on my upper engine mount can swing back and forth in the bushing. Is this normal? I'm not sure what a good one looks like. I've seen the one's IPD sells and they look pretty stiff and looks like they may cause some engine vibrations to enter the cabin since they are made out of polyurethane. Is this true? Am I causing any damage to the car if I just leave it for now? Does anyone else make a "heavy duty" rubber, non polyurethane bushing?
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Yep it must be fixed soon, the stock bushing will need to be installed by the dealer as it needs a press tool and some special fittings to do it well, The IPD bushing works well and you can install it if you can get the old one out, a friend of mine has one and has no ill effects, I run stock Volvo part in that location.
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