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Is there any way to find out if a S80 (MY2001) is pre-wired for the 10CD changer? According to a Volvo service guy some S80's are pre-wired and some are not. He says the only way to find that out is to "open it up" and see.

If the wiring exists where can I find it? The changer is placed on the left side of the trunk so I excpect one end of the cables to be somewhere there behind the panel?

I have still not decided if I will stick with the HU-401 and just get the 10CD changer or if I'm going to replace everything with aftermarket stuff + external amplifier + subwoofer. If the wiring for the changer isn't there, Volvo charges way too much to have it installed. Of course when it comes to Volvo everything is too expensive (changer, installation kit, software, new trunk side panel), but that cable really exceeds the limit.

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