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I posted here a while ago about the substantive differences on the P1 vs P2 v70r's and whether it was "worth it" to make the move. General consensus was that the P2 really is the next level and there's no comparison.

Now I need a little bit more nuanced perspective. I own a '98 v70R, bought 1 1/2 years ago with 72k on it for $13,800. Since then I have had to repair

new airpump and check valve - $450 (did myself)
ABS module repair - $150 (also myself)
new spring seats - $365
a cv boot - $325
engine bushing - $120
motor mount - $200

In the next few months I will need

new transaxle u-joint (for AWD) ~ $500
new f&R differential seals ~ $750 (total)

And I expect that within a year I will need to think of new shocks, $2000, and new tires, $700. (I know you can't really include tires as part of "repairs"). That's almost $5000. The dealer's service supervisor owns a '98 XC70 and recommends I budget $2500 for repair.

I know all of the formulae about cars being lousy investments anyways and that if I wanted to live a maintenance/cost free life I could opt for a vanilla-soul and drive a toyota or honda, but at what stage am I fighting a losing battle? For another $2000 a year - probably managable at this point - I could drive a new car, know my service tech far less intimately, have the option to roll into an extended warranty, and get updated design and technology. I am not a tinkerer. I did the airpump and ABS module myself, but don't even own a torque wrench, so I have to pay labor for most stuff. I would like to learn/practice, but with a 15 month old kid, and another one likely to appear within the next couple years, I just don't know that there's time. Maybe I'm just living beyond my means and need someone else to see what I can't.

If it is time to cut and run, and look for something else, the question becomes what? The market is pretty limited if you're looking for
-a wagon
-with good performance
-a manual transmission
-strong safety
-real room for a family (sorry, no BMW M coupes
Outback/Legacy? A4? 3-series? All are kind of tight. Used Passat? Not quite the same punch. Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix?
h34r: V70R really is kind of the only show in town. And now that Volvo has evidently decided to give us one more year of it, maybe that's the sign that I'm looking for.

Appreciate your thoughts and a place to vent.

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Re: Is it time to let the dream (R) go? (pktojd)

Well, as long as the AWD and the bevel gears are OK and the trans is OK, you've done the big stuff already

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Re: Is it time to let the dream (JRL)

I'd keep your old R. You'd definitely spend more per year on an '04 R...or certainly on an 06/07 V70R. If you like the current car, then keep it. Sounds like you've put a lot of work and $ into it to keep it running and it should take care of you. But if you want a new car, then there's no thinking....or you could do what I did when I already had the '04 S60 T5 and I bought my '98 V70R. I am very happy having the two different cars. That is if you can swing it financially.
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