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Is it always the stabilizer bar links?

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Getting the clunking sound and feel over the bumps. Problem is far worse going over bumps with the wheels turned one way.

I just wanted to make sure that it was the stabilizer end links to blame..
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Could be, but could also be a combination of that and/or ball joints, inner/outer tie rods. Grab your wheel at 9:00 and 3:00 and see if there is movement. Also do the same at 12:00 and 6:00. You may have worn suspension parts you're not aware of, especially if this happens most often while you're turning. Parts can be found here:
You have to physically take the stablizer endlinks, grabbing them and trying to move them sometimes to see if they are worn. I changed all of my front suspension parts...struts, spring seats, strut mounts, strut tower mount and IPD sways and still had clunking. You would think that in the process of doing all of this someone would notice (namely me) the bad endlinks....but no. Once I grabbed them and was able to move them, I realized what was wrong and changed them out with IPD HD's. No clunking or other issues since.

By the way, regular 'ole Volvo endlinks are known to wear out BEFORE 20,000Km's. They are just not good...and then if you add extra torque to them by getting stiffer stuff up front, such as swaybars, you're asking for them to wear out even faster. Replace with IPD's HD's or even better, Slater's new endlinks. You can find his stuff here (warning: sort of expensive): http://www.quickbrickmotorsports.com
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They'll move from side to side and up and down at one or both joints. What typically makes one think they're okay is that due to the torque on them from being connected to the swaybar, they seem tight and okay. Just grab one of them and see if you can budge it at all...pulll hard, and then push on it in all directions. If you can move it then it's no good and most likely the reason for the clunking.
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