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Is it always the stabilizer bar links?

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Getting the clunking sound and feel over the bumps. Problem is far worse going over bumps with the wheels turned one way.

I just wanted to make sure that it was the stabilizer end links to blame..
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Re: Is it always the stabilizer bar links? (eurotrash_pd)

If you have the car on a lift, take a pry bar and try to "wiggle", the joint back and forth.
If they DO wiggle and are loose they ARE bad.
Noises from the front can also be a cracked strut mount (visible) or a cracked spring seat. (not always visible)
How many miles on your car?
(You guys really should always post your mileage when asking a tech question)
Control arms (with the ball joints) are usually the last to make noise.
Re: Is it always the stabilizer bar links? (CDR114)

CV joints just go bad in all cars.

TOKEN....again, you do not "JUST LUBE" the bushings, that is NOT the fix. that's only temporary, you MUST get another dealer as for what you continue to say about what they say and do, they're absolute morons who know absolutely nothing about repairing these cars
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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