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I've got the official Volvo iPod/USB adapter on my '07 S80 with the Premium Sound option.

I have a USB stick that works perfectly fine 95% of the time.

However sometimes, randomly it seems, it will get stuck on the 'Loading' part on start-up. Generally this seems to happen coming back to the car after it being parked for 5-10 minutes. Start it up, never 'loads' the USB key. You can change the source fine, but it never works with the USB input until the vehicle gets turned off again. Just powering off the head unit does nothing it seems.

Is there a way to manually restart the head unit with the car on to get it to reload the USB? It's more odd because the next time the car is turned on it'll load the USB stick fine and even remember what track it was on.

Another odd one is when the USB stick is working fine, but on start-up (overnight, or even a few minutes parked) the USB will not remember what track it was on and defaults back to Track 1.

Nothing major, but just wondering if anyone else has had these oddities with the iPod/USB adapter and has any idea if they're fixable.
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