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I have a backorder at IPD for their new sway bars, and today I received the announcement below. It looks like having a backorder was a worthwhile thing to do-I wonder how much more they will be in the catalog for new buyers?


This letter is to update you on the status of our re-design of the rear
anti- sway bar for 850 and 70 series Volvos up to model year 2000 (all
drive models excluded).

Earlier this year we had estimated that we would have the newly
designed bar
available by the end of July. Extensive testing this spring and summer
revealed further complications with the newly proposed design.

In the past, we have done all of our design work in-house, but the
"Delta-Link" semi-independent rear suspension used in these models has
a real challenge for us. To further ensure that we develop a design
provides the performance and durability our bars are known for, we have
enlisted the services of a mechanical engineering firm with expertise
metallurgy and heat treating (Schaefer Engineering). At this time, we
awaiting the results of finite element analysis (FEA) testing that will
provide us with the critical data that we have been missing. The FEA
is scheduled to be complete by September 16th. If the results are what
expect, we will be able to finalize testing by the end of September and
begin production. Typically once production is started we can begin
within 40 days, so if everything goes according to this conservative
we should begin shipping by mid-November.

To thank you for your patience, we will be providing all existing
with the old kit pricing, as the price of this new design is
It is our goal to provide you with a safety anti-sway bar system that
is of
the highest quality and performance that will reasonably last the life
the car.
If your circumstances have changed and you wish to cancel your order,
certainly understand. Simply give our customer service staff a call and
will be glad to assist you. Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed and
for your kit before the end of the year. (We'll keep you posted if
there are
any further delays.)

Again, Thanks for your patience.

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Agreed. They're bars are entirely worth the wait. They're taking painstaking care to make the bars superb, and I commend ipd for their efforts, although I've waited a year for their bars. I can't imagine how much better my 854 will handle after I have them installed. However, I hear it's not a DIY job, is this right?
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