Volvo Aftermarket staple IPD has announced that they will be launching a new facet of their business, dubbed Worldwide Parts Distribution, to accommodate vehicles made by manufacturers other than Volvo.  Through WPD, IPD aims to deliver the same level of service and expertise that has made them a success in the Volvo community for more than 50 years.

Read the full Press Release below.

“Do you know of a company like IPD that sells ????? parts?”

It might surprise you to learn that this is one of the most common questions we receive here at IPD. Just everyday average people trying to find some help with keeping the other car running. In a perfect world, everyone would drive a Volvo – that’s always been our dream and it always will be. We are here to offer the most complete Volvo support on the planet. But in the real world, the weekend shade-tree mechanic frequently gets the “opportunity” to work on a family or friend vehicle not destined for the halls of Valhalla.

IPD is proud to announce that we are launching WPD Worldwide Parts Distribution, to bring this level of service and products to the owners of other makes of vehicles. Since we have some recent history and experience in the Subaru field, it is only natural for us to begin here, but look for this to expand into other brands as we grow. If you don’t see the part you need to keep your Subaru on the road, let us know and check back later. We’ve spent fifty years developing relationships with manufacturers and distributors that allow us to offer more for less, while still offering the customer support that has made IPD famous. See what we’ve done at WPDUSA.COM .

"We understand that our customers may have something other than a Volvo sitting in their driveway and we want to offer the same reliable parts and customer service for those cars as well. We are thrilled about this new venture and hope our customers feel they can turn to us for the other cars in their fleet" - Stu Hockman - ipd President