I have enjoyed seeing the grassroots modifications that have emerged over the years for the P2Rs. The R Forum has seen its fair share innovative ideas when it comes to turbo upgrades. Guys and girls working in their garage and using custom software tunes to squeeze out more power than the factory provided. Building these setups required some experimentation and research with hardware components and ECU software tuning. This approach is not for everyone and finding a vendor who sells a complete Stage 3 kit to suite the needs of the masses has been limited - until today.


Back in 2006, our Sonic Blue V70R project was running IPD’s Stage 2 setup, which consisted of an exhaust system, downpipe and ECU tune. A solid and reliable setup, but like most enthusiasts we always want more power. In 2012, IPD started a thread discussing an upcoming Stage 3 kit for the 2004-2007 P2 R models. The availability of the kit became somewhat of legend and lore over the years but we are excited to report that IPD has launched their turbo.

We knew IPD was thorough but their new 4T4 ball bearing turbocharger not only bolts on to a stock 2004-2007 P2R, but it also has the potential to support 500hp should an owner want more power. The 4T4 turbo is completely new and custom manufactured; not a modified housing from an existing turbo.



Watch this video as Ken and Chris provide an overview of the turbo:

The dyno graphs are impressive with torque across a broad curve with only 16lbs of boost.


IPD has put together detailed information in their blog. Check out more detailed information and videos here: http://www.ipdusa.com/blogs/395/ipd-4t4-turbo