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Dear Swedespeed members;
for the next two weeks (till wednesday the 24th) i will be accepting all E-MAILS regarding the IPD group buy. After speaking to Scott over at IPD we have decided that the best thing to do is have all serious people submit to me what you would want to buy, what kind of price you would look for and any kind of packages of IPD stuff that you may be able to assemble. To help other interested buyers, you may want to post your requested items due to the nature of a group buy; more is better.
I will also be posting this on volvospeed, volvotuning and brickboard, so there will be a good amount of people given this opportunity and i feel that we should get some pretty good prices.
The products will be ordered and purchased through Scott Hart, but forewarded to him via e-mails that you send TO ME.

Most likely the payment/order will take place the first of May which gives you all time to check your wallets and your cars for those upgrades that you KNOW YOU NEED.

Take Care all, and remember, if you love your car, you'll buy it a present.
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