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First things first, about two weeks ago, I got a message on my trip computer when I went to start the car, "IMMOBILIZER SEE MANUAL". Ok...fortunately I was at the bank and en route to the dentist which is only about 5 blocks away. So an hour and a brisk jog there and back I returned to find my car still sitting there just fine. Got in, turned the key, fired right up. Ok. Great.

This Saturday morning, get in the car (brand new battery btw), attempt to start...click. click. click. Starts. Ok, hmmm....maybe I didn't have the clutch pressed in the whole way? Mehh, ok.

Well, this is getting to be more frequent. Today I got the no start and an immobilizer. It wouldn't turn on this morning either (took about 5 key turns).

Went to dinner tonight and got in the car. Started right up and promptly died about 3 seconds later. Started it again and now it's fine.

So the point of this saga...has anyone ever experienced this? Any ideas? Sounds like a trip to the Volvo dealer for me. Yay.

Thanks in advance.
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