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A brake/suspension form I saw on some Subaru Outback forums, thought I'd try and introduce it here and tackle a brake issue while I'm at it.

A. When does the sound happen?

_ When engine is running
_ When transmission is in some particular gear
_ When turning
_ On throttle
_ When braking
_ Over bumps
X In cold conditions (maybe)
X At speed

B. Where does the sound come from?

_ Can't tell
_ Drivetrain
X Suspension/wheels/brakes
_ Front
X Rear
_ Body

C. Does the sound vary with some condition?

_ Engine/transmission rpm dependent
X Wheel rpm dependent
_ Air speed/direction dependent
_ Varies according to some other condition

D. Is there a vibration associated with the noise?

_ Feel it through the floorpan or seat
_ Feel it through the steering wheel
_ Feel it through a pedal

E. Does it affect drive-ability? how? (Essay question, 2500 words or less)

Parking brake wouldn't hold the car in reverse, so I got the wheels off and adjusted them. Rear right caliper now occasionally sticks on first start of the day. At one point, it was enough to keep the car at a standstill even with some power applied.

There's also an intermittent rubbing/grinding noise that pops up occasionally, and will happen around 20% of the time. Tapping on the brakes will shut it up for a second before it comes back. Noise will not go away regardless of parking brake adjustment, though I suspect that the parking brake isn't the issue since the pads are actually leaving outlines on the rotors (again, rear right only).

I'll have the back wheels off again this weekend or Thursday in hopes of getting a closer look, but until then... Thoughts?

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Parking brake pads blew up.

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Update: One of my classes let out early, so I went home, got the back wheels off the ground, and found this in (surprise, surprise) the rear right caliper:

I'm certain that's not right, but could that be a root cause? Or is there something else I should be looking for?

rmorse: Parking brake still holds (and quite well) on that wheel. So hopefully, that's not the case.
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