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Hey everyone,

At SEMA last week we talked to P3Cars, a vendor providing high quality vent integrated digital boost gauge units, about the possibility of releasing a kit for the Volvo community! Their digital gauges have the capability of displaying many vehicle diagnostics features such as:

- Boost/Vacuum
- Intake Air Temperature
- Coolant Temperature
- Exhaust Gas Temperature
- Ignition Timing
- Digital Tachometer
- Speedometer
- Battery Voltage
- Throttle Position (%)
- Configurable Shift light
- 0-60 Timer
- OBDII Code Read/Clear

P3Cars have been developing kits for our other customers (Audi, BMW, VW) with great success and customer reviews, and we feel the Volvo tuning scene has really grown and should be looked at a potential market as well for them! On average, for around $229 USD you receive the kit which reads the Boost, and for around $389 on average you will get the full monty as listed above! For an extra charge, P3 also gives the option of them mounting the unit in an OEM vent for you as well as several other options. Install is a simple 5-10 minute job requiring no cutting, very clean finish, and all units are made in the USA custom to each application :)

Not sure which models to try first (S60/V70 or C30/S40/V50), so we are posting this to see everyone's response and then coordinate with P3 accordingly. Check out some of their existing offerings, and here are several customer reviews:

Extremely detailed (w/pics) write up on installation and review:



Let us know what you think!


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