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I'm seriously looking into buying a Volvo S60 T5... and taking delivery in Sweden (I live in the US).

After quite a bit of prompting, my dealer got ahold of the European Delivery price & options list.

Needless to say I'm impressed.

I'll probably save about US$3-4,000 on the car... and there are some additional options available (apparently not available on otherwise imported US cars).

One in particular perked my ears up. Apparently I can order the car with a "Telephone, integrated in dashboard" (at a cost of $595).

My question is a simple one... is this integrated phone a European- only GSM phone? Will it do US GSM? CDMA? TDMA? AMPS?

Unfortunately... no one from Volvo USA seems to be able to answer this question with any certainty. I'd hate to blow almost $600 and have a useless option... but having an integrated phone is a HUGE value to me (if I can use it).
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