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Instrument Cluster Software, fit 2005 DIM to 2002 V70

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I have a 2002 V70 and would like to fit a 2005 DIM (0L85D with green connector). My car currently has a DIM with the 3K91D MCU (also green connector). I read that this should be possible with the right software. Sadly I already bricked one 0L85D dash by writing the whole flash image from the original one (I wasn't aware that it had a different MCU). I'm using carprog with the A1+ adapter for programming.



I guess I only need certain address ranges from the original image. Could somebody give me a hint which address ranges in the 0L85D I need to keep and which ones need to be overwritten with the image from the original 3K91D?

There was a post a few years ago from @porter77 that says and shows that this should be possible.
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Why not just swap gauge faces and leave the control boards/cases alone?
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