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Installing roof rails on V70

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Hi, I have purchased a set of roof rails for 2006 V70 used and they should be arriving any day.

I have read on this site that when purchased new the rails come with some very detailed instructions on how to install. I doubt these used ones will come with instructions, so any chance someone has a set of those that they could make available as a pdf?

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Re: Installing roof rails on V70 (zoomin)

Did they come with the raingutter trim?
If not, you need to cut your's after the rails go on. Once you pull the trim, it's obvious how they bolt on. 2 screws on each foot w/a gasket. Plan on having to purchase a few plastic clips to replace the trim, there are 2-3 different styles @ different points on the car, so you can't just buy spares.

What color car? I'm actually trying to remove my rails, but don't want the expense of replacing the trim.
Re: Installing roof rails on V70 (luckbuck)

I found an old post here saying to leave a good couple inches of overlap. I guess there's a fair margin of error so I guess the actual instructions might be not needed.

Our wagon is Silver.
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