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I just installed the EST cat back system in my VR and it fits well and was easy to install. The tips look great . Here are a couple of observations and a question:

1. It was quiter than I expected. It has a nice sound though, more bass that the stock system. I haven't observed the burble sound that I have heard in other's sound posts, it just has a stock sound in a lower frequency and more prominence. It does have a great groan at WOT and is much more befitting of a performance car. It is also easier to drive because with the MT you can hear the motor wich aids in clutch actuation. Also, my R pop is more noticable with this exhaust, makes me feel like I am drving a champ car, very cool.

2. At around 5500RPM a new squeal has emmerged that is obviously associated with the exhaust install. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know what it causing it. It is a high pitched whine (not turbo whine), could this be the wastegate dumping excess exhaust creating some strange harmonics in the cat back? I don't believe it to be mechanical, ie rubbing or pulleys, but I guess the ease at which the motor now revs compared to the stock exhaust could be causing the serpentine belt to slip at high RPM. I would appreciate any troubleshooting you can provide.

I am very happy with the purchase. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif


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