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This note is to the forum moderator

Could I suggest that we have a specific area (forum?) for such things as installation instructions. I note that jrgoffin (http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=97288)
has posted a helpful item on installing a Nuvi 760. I myself posted an item giving step by step instructions on how to install a new laser in the RTI DVD unit (http://www.holmsten.se//volvoV70/RTI_laser_dismantling.pdf). The instructions are hosted on a separate site because I found it impossible to upload the word document I prepared. I could Email it so that it could be posted on the Sedespeed site.

This type of item needs to be available easily and should never be archived - otherwise people will be unable to locate them. This would alo avoid many people asking the same questions and being refrred to some obscure link.

May help to make a great site even better - keep it up!


Ian Wilson

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Re: (landrumdh)

Audio forum FAQs and good links are available at the top of this forum. I've added a couple today.

Please send suggestions and I can add them. This is a centralized thread for links to other threads that might not get new posts for months.
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