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Hey Guys- My first post here, so a bit about me/ my Volvo project first..

I'm wrapping up my current BEC project; build log at: http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14452 -and I'm just about to start on my beloved 1963 1800; build log at: http://locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=16309

In short, I have a B18/4 speed/ electric overdrive in my P1800 that runs really well.. smooth.. reliable.. good power, etc, but I just don't need this original drivetrain as I'm swapping in a different setup..

I'd like your collective help to let me know what my OEM engine/tranny are worth, and more importantly, I'm figuring that someone here could use these bits.. I'm not here to be greedy- fair value (whatever it is) is fine- I'll just roll the $ into the project (unless my wife takes it first!)..

I have paperwork to prove a complete tranny rebuild (some good $$ was spent on this), and engine work (head) by the previous owner (he loved this car and had it since 1988-- really took care of it- I bought it from him summer of 2014)-- the work was done some while ago (calendar), but not many miles ago (odometer).. This stock drivetrain is in the car currently and runs great-- If you're interested, you can drive it to check it out for yourself until early October (2015) when I take it out of the car.. Overdrive works perfectly (I've actually come to love this OD- so clever!)..

It's not all hearts and flowers though... While it's out, and before it goes into your car, you will need to replace some gaskets/seals as it has some weeping/leaks (particularly the front of the tranny- that leak MUST be addressed before you just plug it into your ride).. (If I was you, I'd just plan on a total gasket/seal job while it's out so as not to need to chase anything later)

So there it is- a good running, clean (not rusty-crusty/ not super-sano, but actually looks pretty nice), reliable B18/4spd/OD in need of a different Volvo to live in.. If you need these bits (I'd like to keep them together), or have an opinion on fair market value, please let me know.. (buyer gets it all- starter/carb/manifolds/radiator/distributor/fuel pump/etc..etc.. I just don't need these bits, and the buyer likely will).

I'm in Bakersfield, CA (about 90 minutes north of LA), and I plan to pull the drivetrain in early October..

Thanks for the help/ insight guys :cool:.. this is my first Volvo, and I'm excited to learn more about the marquee as I get into this build..

These bits are in Bakersfield, CA, 90 miles north of Los Angeles..

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