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Hey, I just found out some info on the bi-xenon lights.

The same lightbulb will be used for both high and low beams. Its rectangular reflector is...movable in order to achieve this. It moves (as you switch from low to high beam and vice-versa) 2mm on its axis in relation to the lamp. The direction of the movement means that there is a slight vertical displacement of the reflector.

The lights are also automatically self adjustable in order to pass legal requirements (especially for low beams). They have a sensor that senses major changes in the angle of the road, such as when the vehicle is going up a hill, and automatically adjusts the headlights, aiming them for maximum effectiveness.

They take 3 seconds to come up on full power once they are turned on and the their rating (in Kelvins) is ~4200K (daylight has a color temperature of around 5000K).

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