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Info on VIVA intercooler?

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Anyone purchase the intercooler from VIVA ? If so does it come with the install hoses(kit)? or do I have to purchase separate? Can't get response from George!
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Re: Info on VIVA intercooler? (GiRaff3)

Thank you Bob.
Any idea where I could source piping, maybe local auto zone or something.
Between us , I also found it for $200,( just the core).
yeah I seen phuz has them on his site, a little expensive though, I'm sure I can find them out here for cheaper or have them made.
Will do in a couple of weeks.
Re: (97GLTbrick)

I know phuz has one of the cheapest, just right now uncle fundsarelow is in town and the belt is tight, I am really trying to avoid the damn heat soak this summer though.
The hard choices!
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Re: Info on VIVA intercooler? (AthruC)

Ha ha Adam suck one C0(k and you're a sucker for life, so I mentioned the shea area once.. Damn me. LOL

Think I'm going with the phuz waitin something at work to come through.
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ooooppps Dan , atleast I didn't suggest it, LOL
No PVC . I'm cheap but bot that damn cheap, don't forget I am union I do want things done right! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (AthruC)

Quote, originally posted by AthruC »

There's an oxy-moron if I've ever heard one...

Wow Adam my feelings are hurt. I take pride in my work and am very good at what I do.
Jealousy will get you no where and I will never build an elevator for you.
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Re: (AthruC)

Quote, originally posted by AthruC »

Not saying anything about *your* work Mike...

So, about that PVC?

No Adam we will not be using PVC to do it with even if you are willing to buy the PVC and cement.
Dan you know you were serious and I should drive you into a Bronx back alley and tie you to my R and drag you around for suggesting that...J/K LOL
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