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Info on VIVA intercooler?

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Anyone purchase the intercooler from VIVA ? If so does it come with the install hoses(kit)? or do I have to purchase separate? Can't get response from George!
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Re: Info on VIVA intercooler? (GiRaff3)

If I can scrape together some coin soon, I'm goin Phuz too.
I did have enough last month for the Phmic and DP but I bought some sweet Swiss bling for my wrist.

Site for hoses and pipes.
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Re: (crimnlmnded)

Quote, originally posted by crimnlmnded »
I know phuz has one of the cheapest, just right now uncle fundsarelow is in town and the belt is tight, I am really trying to avoid the damn heat soak this summer though.
The hard choices!

You should speak with Mr Sellakidney. You'll have enough leftover for a Moosesticker and some booze
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