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Info on VIVA intercooler?

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Anyone purchase the intercooler from VIVA ? If so does it come with the install hoses(kit)? or do I have to purchase separate? Can't get response from George!
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Re: (97GLTbrick)

Mike you could always use PVC piping for the IC, would look ghetto as f*** but it's the cheapest way, and it will still function like any other piping
Re: (crimnlmnded)

Lol I wasn't being serious, but I have seen PVC piping used for an intercooler before. My friend was broke after he put an RB26 (R33 skyline motor) into his Nissan pickup, so to save money he used PVC piping...didn't even paint it. It works nicely but it looks terrible.

That's a classic pic Adam, a prime example of an "INTERFOOLER"
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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