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Inexpensive/free performance/styling mods?

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Hi all... My friend has a 94 850 turbo, and I am wondering if there are any free mods that can be done to enhance the performance. I saw somewhere that a shop relocated the horns to increase airflow to the intercooler. Anybody tried this? did it help/make a difference.

Also heard about turning up the boost a tad via the wastegate. Is this a good or bad idea, and does it work? anyone tried it? Results?

Any other tricks??? We are trying to source a MAF sensor as his current one is dying.... can the screen be removed? any increases???

Anything else out there?


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Hey James,
I'm a CU student also, unfortunately i won't have my car out at school till next year, but i do know some stuff about volvos.
As far as cheap/free mods the horn relocation is a good idea, and is easy to do.
The wastegate mod is terrible. What i mean is that, it does great things, but if you do other mods to the car, the ecu will take over and you'll lose boost all over the place due to overboost control by the ecu.

I would suggest waiting for some cash and doing an ecu upgrade, the turbo upgrade, or other mods.

Good luck,
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Most comments I've heard about the horn relocation mod and the removal of the MAF screen are that they are easy to do, but in isolation have no apparent effect.

I would opine that they would be the icing on the cake once you've already improved the induction, exhaust and ECU mapping, but if you don't do any of those things, I wouldn't bother.
I totally agree with you, i don't know about the MAF screen, but the horn relocation actually makes sense to me. As far as removing the screen goes, i've heard of too many dumbasses having pieces fall into their intake system when wrecklessly clipping out parts, i'm not going to do it, but will do the horns.
Cool... thanks guys... are there any other tricks I should know about?

Nice to see Boulderites on the net..
Do not play with the MAF sensor, for the smallest if any gain. Those units are very sensitive, the screen does more than stop objects in fact if your air filter is on properly it is not an issue. The screen has to do with air flow over the element as well. Each unit is calibrated with that in place, this is a vital part of how your car runs leave it alone. Move the horns looks good and it will be better. Get the ECU and exhaust done for the best results.
I have heard about this horn relocation idea, and I never really got involved in that. How do you go about relocating them, and what kind of gains will you get out of it? Thanks.
Remove the bolts from the horn, remove harness from clips on rad support and free up harness back to around the location of the battery. If you have an 850 without an air pump like I have you are in luck, the holes that mount the bracket for the pump are there and are threaded and ready for the same bolts you took out of the horn brackets. Removal of battery and tray is better for space but is not needed. With the nut on the rear of the horn loose move the metal arm/bracket so it will line up with the holes one horn above the other. No holes drilled or and damage to your car. It should have been this way. as for the gains you will not notice any just from this, but all the small things add up, plus it is a clean look even more so for the people with custom grilles.
Actaully... volvo speed has a great list of stuff that you can do to your car... everything from chips to Xenon lights... and they rate them show you how etc.. check it out.

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