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Independent Volvo Mechanic in the Atlanta Area

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Does anyone know of a good volvo mechanic in the atlanta area? Im sick of dyer and dyer and the other dealerships! Need to find someone that is more reasonable. Thanks
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Re: Independent Volvo Mechanic in the Atlanta Area (gaddamit)

I've tried the two main in-town Atlanta independent Volvo specialists over the years and most are just as costly as the dealers. I think there are others out in the suburbs but I live in town so I was looking for something convenient. The only one I've found that is convenient and reasonable is Ramon Rodriguez of Vol-Repairs I. He's at the corner of Briarcliff and Clairmont near I-85 exit. 404-636-0348. The shop is basically a small garage and not much to look at but they've been in that location working on Volvos for many years. I've not had him work on my 06R yet because its still under warranty. But Ramon allowed me to bring my own parts when I installed new axles and cv joints on my 98T5 last year. He also helped me repair my antenna mast for like $20. If you're looking for a good basic Volvo mechanic I think he is your guy.
Re: Independent Volvo Mechanic in the Atlanta Area (dobiegillis)


These guys are up north in Suwanee
Re: Independent Volvo Mechanic in the Atlanta Area (gaddamit)

Mike Cottrell was the master tech at Volvo of Gwinnett. He is at an independent shop now. Cell phone number is 7703091403. He is the only person who has touched my car!
Thanks Tigers. Do you know where Mike Cottrell is located?
Also, where is he located? Any idea what the name of his shop is? Thanks in advance.
I'm pretty sure hes at the web site above, But give him a call, hes the only person I trust with my car.

/cry I meant Trusted
Re: (gaddamit)

Give him a call him first, but the place he is at is Atlanta Volvo service in Suwanee that is mentioned above. Good shop, good work. Mike's the only one I will go to also. Man, Tigers I need to see your R one day. Heart....I never met you but my heart goes out to you. Sorry about your R.
I just looked up directions, his shop is kind of far from me. About 40 - 45 mins away. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Braxton Automotive Group Inc. They are located on Howel Mill Road. They have great reviews from people with volvo's and bmws. Thanks to everyone for all the help.
Re: (gaddamit)

Im with these guys on this... Reguardless of what you have read, Mike is worth your 45 minutes commute... He and Justin from Gwinnett Volvo arethe only ones to touch my car... To bad Justin is at Dyer, bc that place blows!!! With a capital "B"... There is also Barry and Mike at South Gwinnett Auto off of Hwy78 in Snellville... Great guys, but if Suwanee is to far for you then they probably are as well... Good luck...

Always had good service with Professional Swedish Car Repair in Midtown on Monroe by the fire station (404-875-3900). They have 2 mechanics that are Volvo certified and all the current electronic tools needed to work on modern cars.
A little bit cheaper than the dealer (but not by much), but they really know Volvos and have been in the business for 25 years or so. They also have 2 additional locations in Marietta and Alpharetta (http://atlprorepair.com/)
Thanks StephanR. Professional Swedish Car Repair seems to only be about 10 mins away. Definately something a lot easier for me to fit into my schedule.
Re: (gaddamit)

If you decide to drop it there, visit first their web site (http://atlprorepair.com/). They sometime have discount coupons.
Thanks StephanR. I tried going to the website, but it never loads properly. Have you been on the website lately?
Re: Independent Volvo Mechanic in the Atlanta Area (dobiegillis)

So dobiegillis- you must be my twin that I see on Peachtree Midtown all the time- My office is at 1420 Peachtree street (the Jones Day building) and my office window is looks just out onto peachtree and eveyone thinks its wierd that i point you out everytime you go by on P-tree (usually during a meeting, so i can understand the funny looks ;-) There is another electric silver one at the corner of 17th and Spring at City Realty- one block over from me... oddly enough there are actully 4 or 5 R'd in the Midtown area. Also, I grew up across from Vol-PArts on Clairmont and Briarcliff- my wife worked at Mo's Pizza years ago and i was thrown out numerous times for drunken dis.... oh nevermind, that was a different time! - But for the 34 years i have been in the neighborhood, Vol-Parts has always been there in some capacity and they have done some work for me on my other vols- Good People for sure.

anyway- back on point - Call Mike Cottrell - he is your man- he works at the above mentioned atlanta volvo in Suwanee... I have 3 volvos so I ahve gotten to know him pretty well- and having a master mech. on speed dial is deff. worth the drive to lawrenceville- if you get my drift. He is honest and way more reasonible than any dealer or indie.
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Re: (gaddamit)

gaddamit, yes I've checked their site again this morning without any problems (I am running firefox).
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