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Re: Increase turbo PSI with secret button?? (caoz)

I did this ONCE, and I'll never do it again. No one got it on film, but there was a slight incline to the road and it looked something like this:

When I came down, I had 4C error codes all over the place. Be careful guys.

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Re: (firehawk618)

Quote, originally posted by firehawk618 »
I found a new secret code today.

An old swedish man told me this secret, he was one of the developers who created our S60's.

Here's the process....

Make sure your car is running.
Make sure windows are all the way up and all doors closed.
Turn temp on heater up all the way, and on auto.
Press DSTC button 33 times, 1 second apart between presses.
After 33rd press QUICKLY get out of the car and press the trunk release button. You only have 2 seconds to complete this step.
Climb in trunk, close trunk, then use emergency release to open trunk back up.
Do NOT close trunk, get back in car.
Close door.
Buckle/unbuckle seatbelt 8 times ending with it buckled.
This is the hardest part.....
Now you have to open the drivers door from the inside, then go around and open passenger door from outside.

If successfull DIM will display "Safety limiter disabled"
If unsuccessfull turn car off and try again.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could post a youtube vid on this procedure to make sure I get it right. Thanks in advance! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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