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A great Volvo parts guy. Many of you knew him.

The below posting was put together by some of Terry's friends. Feel free to post something.

In loving memory of
Terrence "Terry" Pike
1944 - 2006

Terry was born March 4, 1944, in Massachusetts and passed away at the age of 62 in the Anaheim, California, home of his daughter, Tracie Pike. Terry Pike, a well known name in the Volvo industry, left us on March 25th, 2006, after a brief battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS). Terry will be missed, but never forgotten. He was cremated prior to his funeral service, held at the High Desert Church of Christ in Apple Valley, California, on April 1, 2006.

Terry was an Apple Valley resident for the past 15 years. He enjoyed auto racing and served in the U.S. Army. After returning to the states, he worked for Morse Twist Drill for several years. Following the birth of his first two children, Terry moved to California, where he worked in the automotive industry, specifically with Volvos, for 35 years. He also was a time-honored and highly respected lead flagman at the Route 66 Racetrack in Victorville, California.

Terrence 'Terry' Pike is survived by his five children, Terrence Jr., Tracie Pike, Kyra Vaughan, Timmy Pike, and Kayde Hays, all of California; three stepchildren, Keith Hays of California, and Danielle Fumo and Darcie Sousa of Massachusetts; one brother, one sister, and four grand children. Terry was predeceased by his parents, Manuel and Margaret Pike, both from North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

"Terry's love was, paved and dirt track, oval racing. His race cars (544s, 122s, & 1800s) were always numbered 49. Terry was known for his incredible memory, and in past years worked for Sweet Williams in Fullerton, Exclusively Volvo in Ontario, and most recently Inland Empire Volvo in San Bernardino, serving as parts manger. Any customer of his was treated like they were the only one, a skill that many only wish for. A true gentleman, a class act, the best, Terry is a one-off. He's the guy that is so unselfish with his time that he makes you think that you are his only customer. With his photographic memory and total recall, he makes your parts order complete and quick. The rest is enjoying a pleasant conversation on the other end of the phone. I can't begin to tell you of his generous nature. Terry was a great friend, and his words were great teachings. I will live on with my memories of him, bringing smiles to my face and love to my heart, forever." George Swift.

Editor's note: George Swift raced Terry Pike's 1800ES in Nevada, sustaining a three-year championship.

"Although I have never met Terry or even spoke with him on the telephone, the feelings that I received is from what I have felt and heard from my husband, George. Terry has a great sense of humor; loved his family, Volvos, and life. I speak in the present, as Terry's spirit lives on in everyone that he touched." Melanie Swift.

"My dad will be in our hearts forever and he is in peace now, so we shall not be selfish and want him back on this earth suffering. It was his time to go; like we all will have our time also. My dad said a few hours before he left that it was gonna rain when he died. And in Anaheim where he was in the home of his daughter, it hasn't stopped raining since. We know that is him telling us that he is OK and he misses us. Thank you all for your support." Kayde Hays.

"I read George's message, it is heart felt and all true. Sadly we lost a true friend in Terry Pike. He was making jokes till the end. His youngest daughter put it best in an essay she wrote when she said 'My father is a very caring man. My father can cheer someone up just by talking to them. He has a great sense of humor and loves the sound of laughter'. For those of you who knew Terry Pike, he enjoyed his job with Volvo and enjoyed working with the people involved. He loved racing and his family. Donations are still welcome to help his oldest daughter, Tracie Pike, with funeral arrangements. We will all miss Terry, he was a wonderful person." Robin Hays.

"Terry was the best Volvo parts guy I ever met, never got a wrong part, and he busted his butt to get your order to you complete, correct, and ahead of schedule. Years after finding him as a Volvo parts supplier, never meeting him, only talking on the phone during orders, he stopped by my pit after seeing my body-shop name on the side of my racecar, we had a lot to talk about and we became friends right then and there. What a great guy; top notched people like him are hard to find, and I'll always remember the Woonsocket Rocket. Really sorry to hear about his passing, makes this a crappy day." Dave Foster

"Terry was a mix of new and old school; a die hard Volvo old-timer that understood that new cars paid the bills, but the old cars made them what they are today. He was blessed with abilities to be a good parts man and mechanic. His love for car racing was infectious, and his positive attitude made him a pleasure to be around. His passing is truly a loss for his family and Volvo friends that have grown to love and respect him. Terry Pike made it happen; he made a difference." Mark Yarbrough.

A sampling of some of the many attendees at Terry's funeral service held April 1st, 2006, were: Volvo mechanics Adolf and Pete de Bruyan, who worked with Terry at Sweet Williams Volvo in the early '70s, supplier for Sweet Williams Volvo in the early '80s Art Banks, AJ, who replaced Terry as parts manager at Exclusively Volvo and who was recommended by Terry for the job, four race drivers from the Route 66 Raceway in Victorville, who spoke on Terry's behalf, who had to rush back to the racetrack to finish their races, racecar driver and engine designer George Swift, a long time friend of Terry, who also spoke on Terry's behalf, and other relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

"I only had brief phone-talks with Terry Pike; concerning B16 engine rebuilding and where to find B16 parts for my '56 P1900. I found Terry to be very friendly, informative, and generous. He very generously responded that I could have all of his B16 parts that he had in storage; but I did not have a chance before his passing to retrieve them. This demonstrated Terry's big heart, generosity, and his passion for keeping old Volvos roll'n. I attended Terry Pike's service held on April 1st, spellbound; the more I heard from his pastor, relatives, friends and co-workers, the more my respect for this giant of a man grew. The impressions from the many that spoke were basically the same: A very religious, easy going, funny man; who was always laughing and joking. He smiled no matter what, and was a comedian to the end. He was polite, kind, honest, and generous; he would ignore the negative and praise the positive. A man with a million-dollar personality who enjoyed life. God bless the soul of Terry Pike." Dave Hunt - President, Orange County Volvo Club of California, [email protected]
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